Who is actually still missing? Hamburg's independent scene is rich in artists of all disciplines who work and research inclusively. In our three festival editions we have not managed to give you all space in the festival. Before we show the last productions and toast to the Free Scene at the Aftershow Party, we want to try to change that and get to know all of you.

For this purpose, the Participation Office invites you to richly set tables with full glasses of our famous mediation drinks (wine and non-alcoholic beverages). And there is still room for you and your practice at the tables: artists and organizers are invited to get various impulses for low-barrier productions and inclusive artists can present their work.

From and with: You! Do you work inclusively in Hamburg? Would you like to show your work practice? Then contact the Teilhabebüro with a short email. And the budget should not be a problem: We can pay an expense compensation for your presentation.

Saturday, 29.04.2023
4-6 pm
Kulturkirche Altona

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