Time to say goodbye


We look back on a full program in which Hamburg's independent scene showed itself in all its diversity and in which we were able to celebrate art together with you. This issue was a very special one for us, in which we not only said "Hello, how nice that you are here" to you, but also: "Bye, see you hopefully soon!" Because this was our third and therefore last issue as a team and therefore we can allow ourselves a little departure review: what happened in the last 3 years?

Three exciting festival years with 53 productions at 17 venues, many national visitors, 11 national guest performances and 3 labs through the alliance Festivalfriends, many workshops and trainings, numerous panels and a growing festival center, various collaborations, a complete website relaunch, with the Beyond Digital Speculation Unit and the newly established participation office lie behind us. We as a festival team have celebrated, worked hard, networked ourselves and others, and looked forward.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have accompanied and supported us over the three years! We wish the new HAUPTSACHE FREI festival team a good time and a fruitful collaboration with the artists of the independent scene in Hamburg.

Bye, see you at the festival 2024!